Hand Made for the Holidays

It is full-on holiday shopping season. This morning at a coffee shop I saw a woman order her gifts from Amazon while waiting for her order. I was impressed and anxiety ridden.

If you are like me, holiday shopping is hard. As a young professional it is sometimes difficult to find a thoughtful gift that expresses my appreciation for my friends and family that also fit into my budget. So, this year, I am using my talent (and saved up T.J. Maxx points) to print and frame custom designed quotes. (Spoiler alert mom and dad!)

Other hand made gifts include my reclaimed tobacco wood blanket ladder, and offering to design Christmas cards for friends and family. These hand made gifts are completely customizable so that each one is unique just like the person receiving the card.

In the spirit of Christmas, and a side hustle… I am opening up the opportunity for hand made, custom gifts made by me for you!

Holiday Card

Send me your photos, your favorite Pinterest pins, that font you saw one time, and I will create a holiday card JPEG in any size you would like. This comes with three revisions too (because… custom). This instant download is $25 (for $15 more I will help you order them so all you have to do is log in and put in your CC info)!

Email ssansoucylee@gmail.com for details/ to order


Custom Quote Art

This is the same idea but I will create an image using your quote and inspiration for you to print and frame. This is $15 (plus another $15 if you would like help getting it printed)!

Email ssansoucylee@gmail.com for details/ to order


Reclaimed Tobacco Wood Blanket Ladder

If you would love a non-intrusive blanket ladder and you don’t have a go-to place for reclaimed tobacco wood, let me know! I am charging $50 plus shipping (because of labor and sourcing costs).

Email ssansoucylee@gmail.com for details/ to order