Inspiring downloads for the new year

My biggest struggle with new year resolutions/ intentions is remembering that I’ve set them!

And honestly, it isn’t just the goals I set for the new year… it is often the goals I set throughout the year. I easily let things slide into the routine of every day habits.

To remind myself, especially if my goal is to start or replace a habit, I change my phone background or print something out and put it in my closet. I’ve also been known to switch out our bedroom art to motivational quotes.

This tactic is one of the reasons I have an Etsy shop or even a blog… these dreams were once phone backgrounds and printouts in my bedroom.

This year, I created a collection of motivational quotes and sayings for the SSL Etsy shop. Each download comes with a FREE phone background, and Apple Watch screen. So, now we can use these quotes to reach our goals together!


I also wanted to share my three favorite phone backgrounds here! If you’re on your phone either hold down or screen shot, and you are one step closer to accomplishing your goals for the new year.

The collection is inspired by my love of mixed metals, and how strong but feminine their colors are. The sayings are things I have either saved to my phone at one point for motivation, or things you might hear me say to my friends and family.