Steph Sans Lee first partnered with small business Doña Noli when they needed a smart solution to their lack of a web presence. Once the website was launched, they enlisted Steph Sans Lee to help with product marketing.

In the small business world, we understand you have to be as nimble as big box companies, but with fewer resources. Steph Sans Lee makes it easy to develop new products, and look deeper into your market to come up with new offers that will keep your customer’s coming back for more.

Doña Noli had the dream of developing a subscription box like none other. Being owned by a certified tobacconist, and in a small physical market — they needed to “wow” their online community.

The solution became the launch of their experience-based monthly packages that feature hand-selected cigars grouped based on the country of origin of the tobacco wrapped inside.

Once the product was developed, Steph Sans Lee worked with the owners to put the boxes online. Within days the boxes started receiving subscribers.

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